Dangers of Blogging: Honor code 42+4

Having been tagged by Karen, I guess it is only proper etiquette to respond.

Four Jobs You’ve Had

  1. Teacher’s aide
  2. Adjunct professor
  3. Consultant
  4. Systems Programmer

Four Places You’ve Lived

  1. Milton, New York
  2. High Falls, New York
  3. High Bridge, New Jersey
  4. Troy, New York

Four Vacations You’ve Taken

  1. Walt Disney World, Florida
  2. Nova Scotia
  3. Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts
  4. Williamsburg, Virginia

Four Vehicles You’ve Owned

  1. Bicycle
  2. Chevy Celebrity
  3. Ford Escort
  4. Honda Accord Wagon

Four Blogs I Visit and Want to Tag

Here is where the honor code part comes. If you are one of the first four bloggers to see this, then I tag you! Be sure to leave a comment, so that later bloggers know that they are home free. Oh yes, I’ll visit (at least once).

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3 Responses to Dangers of Blogging: Honor code 42+4

  1. Homemanager says:

    It looks like no wants to be the first to get tagged! :o) How many miles to the gallon do you get on that bicycle, anyway….
    Be sure to post on something this week. We need your insights and encouragments.

  2. Kirsten says:

    Hey Dad, looks like I’m the first one to see this! Ha Ha!

  3. MPreissler says:


    Got tagged by the “Blog Honor Code”

    Haven’t looked at the book yet but the title is interesting
    The Language of God: A scientist presents evidence for belief

    by Dr. Francis Collins
    involved in the Human Genome Project

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