New Computer

Behind me is our new computer.

Kirsten turning on Blue Gene/L

Update from Aug 1, 2007

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5 Responses to New Computer

  1. Homemanager says:

    What an amazing amount of work that goes into such machines! Grace upon grace… 🙂

  2. Elle says:

    Not exactly new anymore, but still just as cool!:D

  3. Homemanager says:

    This is really not new anymore, but as Elly said, it is cool! 😀
    So when is this blog’s author going to post something? 🙂 (hint, hint!)

  4. ScottKeith says:

    What did they replace MTS with? What type of computer is that?

  5. Lindsay Todd says:

    MTS was replaced long ago with Unix workstations for academic computing (and eventually with Windows-based laptops). Administrative computing has largely moved to Unix and Windows servers.

    But this is an IBM Blue Gene/L. It was number 7 on the Top500 list when we first deployed it. But that was long long ago, and we are far down the list now.

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